‘TOS’s – the staunch enemy of the truth

I got a warning email from Amazon that my reviews of products did not meet with their TOS requirements. Specifically it was a movie I skimmed through depicting a ‘poor old negro’ who of course looked like a big harmless teddy bear and who had been ‘falsely accused’ by the bad white people, and consequently had spent the bulk of his life behind bars.  Unfailingly formulaic and predictable, the film goes on to exonerate the negro and nail all the ‘evil white people’.  The final scene, calculated to tear at your heartstrings, shows the big old teddy bear of a negro, free as a bird and seated beside his ‘new white pal’, probably the sheriff, both of them fishing in a pond amidst a nice woodsy setting.  My review, almost identical to this post, ended by saying that as soon as I saw the negro walk onto the screen, I knew what was coming, and seeing the film for the propaganda that it was, refused to watch it.


Anxiousness about the preservation of my white community

I am in a currently mostly all white senior housing community but I live in dread of it turning negro like every where else I have lived in the past decade. 

It is at the very least traumatic to have one’s peaceful existence turned into a raucous,  obnoxious out-of-control environment of ignorant negroes who yell instead of talking normally because they love the sound of their own voices, and carry-on like they’re at a party with their cackling laughter and loud displays, having been deluded by the media and Hollywood into thinking there’s something special about them, which of course is the diametric opposite of the truth.  There is never anything special about a primitive, unevolved race.  On the other hand, there’s something very, very special – and refined – about the top layer of the evolutionary scale occupied by the white race!  

Don’t get me wrong – I know there are whites who are no better than negroes and in fact I live with them in the demographic I’m forced to occupy.  And for that reason I’ve come up with the category of ‘white and black negroes’.  Arent I clever !  I also know that there are exceptions and that, for every, let’s say, thousand negroes, there will be one who excels. But the percentages there are nothing very impressive.

Additionally, I’m at a point my life now, as a senior, and as someone who, for many, many moons now has been drowning in negroes in the neighborhoods I’ve been forced to live in, which neighborhoods by the way used to be white ones – at any rate I’ve gotten to the point where I can no longer stand the sight of a negro, the sound of a negro or the smell of a negro.  It’s very hard to rationalize this away by saying it’s me not them when the intensity of my aversion is the equivalent of my disgust with something like, say, my cat’s litter box.

Add to that the fact that I will forever resent that anyone ever tried to force me to say a negro is the equal of a white person, forced me even to think such a thing, for such has been the insidious campaign of the leftist liberals and democrats in recent years, that is to perpetrate the absurd lie of negro equality, which has gotten a foothold both in our society and around the world.  And should anyone dare admit the emperor is naked rather than clothed (the negro is dull, dimwitted and lazy rather than, like it’s counterpart, the white race, intellectual, energetic and bright)  he is immediately smacked with the label ‘racist’ which silly term is supposed to intimidate us into silence and into denying the evidence of our own senses. 

To not have the superiority of the white race recognized and acknowledged in our society is a huge frustration.  And to have the fact of that superiority buried beneath a sea of lies is an unprecedented outrage; especially when one is forced to daily watch this uber ignorant, primitive race all puffed up and filling the air with its clamor and deluded self love.  

Some Inconvenient Truths About Negroes

As my therapist once said to me, just because it’s a stereotype doesn’t mean that it’s not true. And one such stereotype of the negro race is their looting, robbing and stealing because they think they have free stuff coming to them by virtue of the color of their skin.  

Other stereotypical traits? Don’t get me started – but surely laziness, dimwittedness, rage, resentment, bitterness and violent acting out need to be mentioned right off the bat.  

And in truth Left liberal Democrats have created a race of monsters – entitled, loud, obnoxious and overconfident in their delusions about themselves.  Negroes actually think they are physically good looking and of course I would be racist to mention that, as far as their faces go, they physically resemble more than anything a race of gorilla-like creatures with their huge nostrils and huge blubbery lips.  But they believe their faces are not only beautiful but better looking than a white face; and, intellectually they not only feel themselves to be equal to the white race but – get ready for this – they feel themselves to be superior!!  

The strange appearance of the female negro body type with the huge protruding butt is something they, because of their extreme primitiveness, believe is attractive and they feel proud of this feature.

The unevolved primitiveness of the negro mind and behavior cannot be stressed enough because it’s only that which explains them to a white person.  The catch is that this explanation if uttered allowed would immediately incur the wrathful ‘racist’ epithet because, like the emporor’s nonexistent new clothes, the truth about the inferiority of the negro race is something which must be kept secret at all costs.

The unfortunately successful manipulation of white people by the left liberals

This entire obsession of leftist liberals, with whites being racist, is just a giant smokescreen to cover the fact that the negro race is in fact inferior to the white one.  The left will go to any lengths to avoid acknowledging this fact even to themselves. And how better to obscure the truth than to come up with a replacement issue, a smoke screen which is that anyone who sees the difference between negroes and white people is a ‘racist’.  Silly and lame except that whites seem to have been successfully taken in by this ploy.

And I still don’t get the big deal about being called a racist… I am proud to be one.   I dislike negroes for some very good reasons. And I’m not afraid to announce the fact; and, contrary to most of the white population, I have absolutely no fear of being called a racist… In fact I embrace the label.

We have so lost sight of the basics it is not even funny.  Negroes are, by virtue of their genetics, inferior to the white race intellectually and in terms of evolution.  They will never catch up because their DNA dooms them to a persona that includes laziness, dull-wittedness and lack of ambition.  The natural human reaction to this is one of, at best compassion, or as in my case, revulsion.  

The white race has been duped into not admitting even to themselves their honest reaction to negroes.  And this is largely because they are so damned afraid of being labeled a racist.  Therefore they’ve substituted, for the evidence of their own senses, a brittle  and dishonest assertion that negroes are their equals.  The emperors new clothes syndrome operating at fever pitch.

More on the Myth of Diversity

“……. a government program that creates problems where there were none.”  Rather than allowing people to fall naturally and organically into segregated groups, the jews and ethnomasochistic entities like antifa are pushing to force people to do something that is not in their nature and that is to ‘mingle’ with alien strangers whom they have no desire to have contact with let alone live next door to; and all to aid the jew agenda of control and domination.  “The jew being ……… a ruthless parasite that harms and destroys its host population”.

The talmud, like the koran, and basically originating from the same blood type, promotes every kin of crime against ‘infidels’ from defrauding to actual murder.

from Billy Roper Report